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About Tapes to Digital

We have a love for turning old things into new. If you're looking for a company to convert your VHS tapes to USB with tender loving care, then you're in the right place!

Your tapes are in safe hands

We understand that you might be hesitant to hand your precious memories over to a team you don't know, especially if they contain images or videos of children.
Your privacy is extremely important to us and we take the necessry steps in-house to ensure that it's protected fully:
All tapes received and delivered have a tracking number so you can see where your tapes are at any point in time
All converted media is stored only for two weeks after delivery and then deleted. We do not make, share or store any copies without your written consent
We log all tapes received into a secure CRM, take photos and send them to you so you can see what we’ve received. Our CRM system will send you frequent updates or you can chat to us directly about your order
Our technicians are bound by New Zealandian law and follow strict protocol and company procedures when handling materials
Don't lose your precious memories.
Ask us how we can help to convert your VHS tapes into flash drive.
Best price guarantee
While you can't put a price on memories, we'll still beat any competitor quote you bring to us (terms and conditions apply). We don't charge any extra fees unless it's already been talked about. What we quote is what you pay.
Quick delivery times
Need a quick turnaround? We offer a 24-hour turnaround service depending on the number of tapes (at an additional cost). We are based across New Zealand, so you'll find a Tapes to Digital conversion service near you.
A+ team and service
Yes, you probably can transfer VHS and videos at home using some software. But do you really want to risk losing your precious memories because of a technical glitch or spend hours on it and end up with a poor-quality video?
Our Tapes to Digital conversion service delivers a high-quality picture and sound, much better than what you’d get at home. So why not spend the time enjoying the video we produce with a cuppa and your family?
Tape conversion services
We convert VHS tapes to USB or store it in the cloud - you choose the format. Whether you want to convert camcorder tapes or old home movies to digital, video cassette to USB or convert audio cassettes or Super8 and 8mm reels, we've got the perfect service for you!
We guarantee your privacy and look after your tapes from submission to delivery
Exceptional customer service, we'll never leave you waiting for an answer
We offer a best price guarantee, so you pay the cheapest price for your service
Quick turnaround times and delivery so you can enjoy your movies sooner
Expert team who convert hundreads of tapes each week
We can clean mould off tapes, fix or repair damaged tapes
Meet the Director of Tapes to Digital - Logan Peranavan
What started as a side hustle for IT consultant Logan Peranavan (pronounced PE-RA-NA-VAN) quickly become a full-time business.
Tapes to Digital soon found its niche among people who had tapes lying around at home and didn't know where to go to convert them into USBs. Because of digital media, those tapes couldn't be watched anymore.
Logan found that his main customers were people who had recorded their lives years ago on tapes or migrants who wanted to recaputure their memories of countries and people they'd left behind.
As demand for converting tapes into digital grew, he added more services and people to his team. Thanks to online technologies, the entire team works virtually and is located around New Zealand.
Today, Tapes to Digital is found in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western New Zealand and South New Zealand and provides services New Zealand-wide. The company will soon launch in the UK and other countries.
Tapes to Digital Director, Logan Peranavan